Nuts: The Card Game

Nuts: The Card Game

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Squirrels. They love nuts. They’d do anything to get their hands on nuts. They sometimes mess with each other to get their hands on each others’ nuts. In the end, for a squirrel, it really is all about the nuts. As a squirrel, it’s a matter of pride to see who has the biggest and baddest nuts in the park! Key Selling Points: • The illustrations are cute and cartoony. • Content + art = hilarity! • Fun for families. Good for kids, in-jokes for adults. • Quick play – 5 to 15 minutes. • Inexpensive price point. Target Market: • Customers looking for a quickplay, light-hearted casual game. • Families looking for something to play with their kids. • Kids of all ages. Grab Your Nuts! Contents: 110 cards, rules UPC: 858506002055

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